Lunch & Breakfast

While food is not our main focus here, still we think that a nice sandwich, steak or a salad can be an awesome accompanying snack to thw cup of wholesome, full-body hot and spicy java we brew here!

We offer a majority of our hot coffees as ice ones as well, on top of the Irish coffee, cold cappuccinos and frappuccinos with tons of miscellaneous flavors. All of our customers love how our coffee tastes!

With dozens of varieties of coffee beans from all over the world available at our place and all grinded, roasted and brewed on spot, your hot coffee experience will never go back to the way it was before!

Starting with out-of-oven fresh croissants and all other different kinds of pastries and all the way to multiple types of cakes with all kinds of toppings, fillings and flavors – our desserts rock it!

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